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St. Barthelemy Trip Report


I'm just back from St Barthelemy, a french small island in the Carabeans, 10mn fly from St Marteen, 15mn from St Thomas, 15 mn from Saba.

Do you know this place ?
Did you hear about the multiple diving spots ?
Did you ever go there ?

Actually, after the "Luis" cyclon early september, every one believes that this area is Dead. Absolutely wrong ! Actually, even if this is a french area, it is the best renewed island around : In a lot better shape than St Marteen or St Thomas.

Before getting there, I've been surfing on the net to find out where to dive and who should I contact. No information was available. Believe it or not, I've been hesitating in taking with me all my equipment. I finally took it and I was lucky. In 10 days, I discovered about 15 wonderfull spots from 5 to 20 mn from the boat starting point in "Gustavia" harbour. All the dives are under 60 ft (40 ft average) and the club I dived with is a really small bu professionnal one : two instructors (Eric and Laurence), a boat with up to 8 divers, 50$ per dive, three tanks max per day (9am, 11am, 2:30pm), full day or night dive possible on request. If you really feel like discovering a wonderful and cude area, go to St Barth. Even the island is a beautiful area, no so big.

Dive Club is :
WEST INDIES DIVE St BARTH 33 590 27 91 79
ask for Eric or LAurence.
If you mant to know more, email me, or better, call them. They also have a email but I didn't note it right.
Regards Michel

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