Sea Wolff Dive Club Fund Raising and Discount Program

Dive Club Facts  

1Sea Wolff will set aside 20% of your referred sales to support your efforts.  
2Sea Wolff will create the sales page that is only available by direct address from your publication or web site.  
3Sea Wolff tracks the sales activity from your Sea Wolff URL.
4Referral Donations can be directed 100% to the dive club or can be split with your member as a discount.  

Dive Log MSRP $49

Instructor MSRP $129  


6  Dive Clubs earn a dive log to be used for fund raiser raffles for every 5 dive logs purchased.  


Sea Wolff Diving Software

4 23rd St

Jericho, NY 11753

(516) 375-4315  

From Sea Wolff Diving Software

Sea Wolff Diving Software announces a symbiotic referral award program for dive clubs in the United States.

Why Sea Wolff Service?

On an almost weekly basis Sea Wolff Diving receives funding requests from dive clubs, 501(c)s, rescue teams and other organizations. Without exception, all of the requests are reasonable and for a good cause. Our conundrum is that we have limited resources to support these causes.

In the past we have selected a few organizations that we are familiar with and threw all of our support to those organizations. To resolve our dilemma, we have decided to create a referral reward program so we can increase our resources and provide support to organizations that are normally outside of our reach.

How does it work?

Call/fax us at (516) 375-4315 or email us at  or fill out the form below to let us know you are interested. We will set up a web page showing the offer available for your members and other referrals. Include information about our offer and your Sea Wolff URL in the sponsor section of your publications or web site.

Sea Wolff will set aside 20% of our purchase prices to support your organization. This can be applied as a donation to your organization, a discount to your referee, or a combination of the 2. We recommend accepting a 10% donation and providing a 10% discount for your referee. When we receive an order we will provide any agreed upon discount to your member and send your referral donation by check.

See the side bar for financial details..

Sea Wolff Dive Logs

PC based dive logs for everyone

Sea Wolff Dive Logs and Sea Wolff Instructor Logs for Windows are Dive Information Tools that help divers keep track of unlimited dives, divers, sites dive operators, manufacturers, rescue plans, photographs, marine life sightings and equipment maintenance.

The Instructor Log, our pro version for divemasters, instructors and rescue teams also allows group diver entry, class registration, attendance, and test scores, purchase orders and invoicing as well as tax accounting and bulk mail support. Other features are listed on our web site.

About Sea Wolff Diving Software

Sea Wolff Diving was formed in 1992 to supply quality diver training in the NY area. To support our record keeping needs , we created the Sea Wolff Dive Log for Windows. Our staff has contributed articles to several publications in print and on the internet. Other dive service programs created by Sea Wolff include the Sea Wolff Buddy Procedure Workshop and the SCUBA Serenity Workshop.


Dive Club Fund Raising/Discount Program Registration Form


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(this does not imply that Divers Alert Network endorses or recommends this program.)                      

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