Sea Wolff Dive Log Book Software Trip Reports - Cozumel

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 20:40:34 EST

Spent a week in Coz in November and am happy to report that we didn't 
see any signs of problems since Hurricane Luis.  The diving was super 
as usual, and we used Caribbean Divers for the first time.  What a 
super operation!  We had heard they were good, but had to see it for 
ourselves.  The people in the shop are great and the Divemasters 
really know how to make each dive a good one. They even serve a box 
lunch between dives.  It consists of a sandwich, slice of melon, a 
peeled orange, and some wafer crackers.  It was really a nice touch.  
As for the divemasters, try to dive with either Luis Santoyo or Pepe. 
 If you dive with Luis, tell him Tom and Eloise said hello!  We had 
most of the same people dive with them all week and we made some 
great friends!

As for Coz itself, it was super.  The prices are really great, 
especially at the restaurants.  We ate at El Moro twice because it's 
true Mexican food and the service and food are excellent.  It's our 
favorite.  We had breakfast at the restaurant in the museum in town 
which overlooks the water.  This place can't be beat for breakfast! 
$4 for all you can eat!  Eggs, pancakes, french toast, refried beans, 
and coffee.  Don't miss it!
We also ate at La Chosa, but were a little disappointed, as we were 
the last time we ate there.  The food seemed to be Jacking something. 
 But it's still worth a visit.   We had dinner one night at Sonoras, 
which is one block east of the Church in town, and is on the second 
floor.  We also tried breakfast there.  Had super meals both times!  
And of course we had our frajitas and "ritas" at Ernestos.  Wow!  
Which I was there right now.  We also had dinner at another of our 
favorite spots, Prima.  Not the deli Prima, but the one on the second 
floor.  If you like Italian food, that's the place to go.  

We also found what can only be considered a goldmine for anyone who 
likes great coffee, expresso, cappuchino and mouth watering homemade 
deserts.  It's called the Coffee Bean and is right next to Pizza Hut 
in town.  It's new and 80% of the clientele are native Mexicans from 
Coz, so you know it has to be good.  We went there a number of times 
and it was really super.  Ask for Andrea, ne of the partners, and ask 
her about the super pies and desserts that she bakes right on 
premises.  Tell her Tom and Eloise from New York said hello. Once 
you've tried the place you'll keep going back!

We stayed at the Coral Princess which is north of town, but there was 
a lot of construction going on at this hotel.  They're expanding and 
are almost finished with the new addition which includes another 
swimming pool and a building that more than doubles the size of the 
hotel.  It will be beautiful when it's finished, but we had to put up 
with the noise while we were there.  We ended our stay with one night 
at the Fiesta Inn, just to try it, and were really disappointed in 
the room.  We took a no smoking room, but there was a very bad danky, 
musty, smell to the room and the carpeting was so filthy and stained 
that we wouln't walk on it in our bare feet!  How they can keep that 
same carpeting there is beyond me!  I definitely won't be staying 
there again!

If you're heading for Coz, try some of the spots I've mentioned and 
enjoy!  We'll probably be heading back there in March or April.   
Can't wait!     Tom and Eloise in New York

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