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The Article Bank was formed to ensure continued access to information and opinions that has been prepared by people from all parts of the dive industry. These articles are available for use in club newsletters or any publication that does not charge for the printed matter. Some authors have donated their articles outright while others are looking for small renumeration for their efforts.

All complete articles posted here can be used in their entirety free of charge. The following conditions apply to usage of every article:

  1. The author must receive a by line credit.
  2. Advanced notice of usage is requested; Email is fine.
  3. Two copies of the publication with the borrowed article should be forwarded to Sea Wolff Diving. Sea Wolff will forward a copy to the author.
  4. Copyright remains with the author and copyright notice must accompany the byline.

In some instances, photos will be available. This will be noted with the article. Individual authors must be contacted directly and charges may apply due to the handling of the materials.


Feel free to submit published or unpublished works providing you retain the copyright. Please provide a statement that you own the copyright, if the article was published and where, your email address, and a brief biography.

Alex Wolff - Sea Wolff Diving

  • Forbidden Fruit - a discussion about Solo Diving.
  • No Buddy is Better than a Bad Buddy an interactive article promoting dive buddy procedures.
  • A Case for Advanced Training
  • Rehan Husain - 1-Scuba-Diving-Gear

  • Scuba Gear Checklist - preparing for your trip.
  • Gabriel Machuret


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